EP economical lithium battery pack 8,000 $ doesn’t even need to be washed?

🥇EP Economical Lithium Battery Charger 8 Thousand Mosquitoes Cannot Be Washed🥇
🔥EP-L153 lithium battery 7XXX$ 🔥
⚠️Web discount only sells 8 units⚠️
‼️Hurry up if you want to buy‼️
For detailed information, please go to the official website or leave a message directly
-The size of a hand-operated bicycle is 154cm compared to an electric bicycle!
-Suitable for trucks with no place for forklift
- Fine warehouse, fine shopping mall𨋢
-The 5.5-ton truck is fully loaded to the tailgate
-Narrow position U-turnEasy Job
-Lithium batteries are lightweight and can be installed/removed in less than one second
- Equipped with many old electric batteries to solve the problem of insufficient power of lithium batteries
Three and a half ton lithium battery models are in stock. Welcome to Dipu store for test run.
The most important thing is to try the incline😉
Now accepting reservations💵💳
Orders can be purchased at a discounted price
For reservation methods, please visit Junzhuo official website
Facebook indox 📥message ✉️

or call📞60907771 Query🙏🏻
Store address: Shop 2A-2C, G/F, Yip Fung Industrial Building, 28-36 Kwai Fung Street, Kwai Chung
(Hand and electric pump maintenance department)
Forklift Showroom: Yongkang 2nd Floor
Hand Showroom: Yongkang 10th Floor


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  1. Do you have it in stock? Please quote

  2. How many kilograms does it weigh and what is the price?

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