Super mini lithium battery

🌟Evenly blanched🌟Traveling with Lithium 2021🌟🔥 Exclusive agent for the new NOBLELIFT-ATOM lithium battery🔥✨

Last month, all 18 ATOM units at special prices were sold by the middle of the month.✨To thank customers for their support

In March, we will make 28 more movies at special prices than everyone else! The first 10 people who order will get a set of ATOM assist wheels for free❤️😳 Quantity is limited, please buy quickly🙏🏻 ⚠️

If you have purchased ATOM, you are welcome to go to the store to adjust the intensity and speed!

ATOM series EDGE (little guy), the appearance is of course not that far apart, it is an economical version of EDGE!
Economic models are about reducing costs and improving quality? Please rest assured⚠️rest assured⚠️rest assured⚠️
Seeing as the price is so low, it is actually an all-electric model! Generally, the configuration of the economical model will be lowered by the following three points.
1-There will be no left electric lowering [electronic lowering button], and the manual lowering will be used instead.
2-Battery capacity is relatively reduced
3-One less battery meter...🤬

ATOM lithium battery, all of the above🌟No downgrade🌟🤩Some are also Upgraded
Motor is bigger than EDGE🔥 ! Steel marrow is stronger than EDGE💪🏻!

Welcome to Limen City for car viewing and test driving🙇🏻‍♂️The following are some of the advantages of ATOM to meet the needs of the Hong Kong public
As its name suggests, the car has 4 new advantages (light! Convenient! Fast! Short!)
light🍃- Using lithium batteries that are 10 times lighter than power batteries, the total weight of the vehicle is only 127kg, which is equivalent to a 5.5ton truck [general electric vehicles weigh about 200kg]

convenient🔒-The 6.5kg lithium battery can be quickly assembled and disassembled in 1 second, making it easy to carry home for charging. [Optional fast fork charger] - Suitable for trucks with no place to charge the battery

quick⚡️-Driving speed is fast, and full charging only takes 2 hours💪🏻

short👉🏻👈🏻-The body length is 1540mm, as flexible and easy to use as a hand switch -The 5.5-ton truck is fully loaded with the tailgate -Easy job to turn around in a narrow position

If you want more information, please email or FACEBOOK DM and leave your contact information, Junzhuo will get back to you as soon as possible!

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  1. Kenneth Avatar

    How much does it cost? Are there narrow or wide models to choose from?

  2. Kit Wong Avatar
    Kit Wong

    Please quote the price. Thanks.

  3. 鵬大溶接器材行有限公司 Avatar
    Pengda Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Is there any 520 wide electric truck for sale?
    May I ask where your company's electric tractors are produced?

  4. How much please? Thanks

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