🥇HELI 1.8-ton lithium battery does not need to be washed even if it costs 10,000 yuan?🤑🥇



⭐️May lithium battery special price ⭐️
🥇HELI 1.8 tons lithium battery does not need to be washed even after ten thousand🤑🥇
⭕️It is important to have an auxiliary pulley⭕️
😚Take it out and charge it conveniently and quickly😎
The first 8 units in May are at a special price of NT$8,000. The EPL-153 lithium-ion battery pack is faster than the brothers in just a few days without washing.😳
Li will continue to 888 in the middle of the month
Uni-Zhuo electric pump launches 8 tons of eight lithium battery pumps at a special price
⚠️Only 8 units are available for sale on Junzhuo website’s website⚠️
🔔Just click on the discount advertisement when purchasing to get the discount🔔
‼️If you want to buy it, hurry up‼️
For detailed information, please go to the official website or leave a message directly
HELI 1800kg lithium battery pump
-The size of a hand-operated bicycle is 154cm compared to an electric bicycle!
-Suitable for trucks with no place for forklift
- Fine warehouse, fine shopping mall𨋢
-The 5.5-ton truck is fully loaded to the tailgate
-Narrow position U-turnEasy Job
-Lithium batteries are lightweight and can be installed/removed in less than one second
- Equipped with many old electric batteries to solve the problem of insufficient power of lithium batteries
All the time, brothers ask if lithium batteries are strong enough.
I'll let you know if I leave some stock and try it out later.
All models are in stock.
Welcome to Dipu store for test drive💦
The most important thing is to try the incline😉
Now accepting reservations💵💳
Orders can be purchased at a discounted price
For reservation methods, please visit Junzhuo official website
Facebook indox 📥message ✉️
or call📞60907771 Query🙏🏻
Store address: Shop 2A-2C, G/F, Yip Fung Industrial Building, 28-36 Kwai Fung Street, Kwai Chung
(Hand and electric pump maintenance department)
Forklift Showroom: Yongkang 2nd Floor
Hand Showroom: Yongkang 10th Floor


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  1. Is it still in stock? how much?

  2. Leann Wong Avatar
    Leann Wong

    Please quote, contact number 2472 7688, thank you

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