About Junchuoji Tailgate Engineering Co., Ltd.

Junzhuoji Tailgate Engineering Co., Ltd. provides logistics equipment retail and professional maintenance services. It has many masters with more than 20 years of maintenance experience and is committed to providing professional services to customers. Jingzhuo's retail and maintenance business includes: truck lifts, electric lift trucks, forklifts, truck tailgates, etc. Over the years, it has established a good reputation in the industry for its advantages such as smooth maintenance, fast delivery, use of original parts and sufficient after-sales service.

Convenient location with parking lot

Junzhuo is located on the ground floor of Kwai Fung Industrial Building. The location is very convenient, saving customers the trouble of going up and downstairs. If you take the MTR, you can walk there from Exit C of Kwai Fong MTR Station. There is a separate parking lot in Kwan Cheok for customers with cars.

Pre-sale service

Junzhuo has specially designed the operation and analysis of the pump. Professional masters will demonstrate the operation of the pump and analyze which type of pump best suits the customer's business needs, in order to provide the best choice.

After-sales service

Junzhuo is committed to providing comprehensive after-sales service. In addition to adjusting the speed, strength and speed of the motorcycle body for free, we also provide one-year maintenance. If you want to know more about maintenance details, please contact us for enquiries.

Payment methods

Junzhuo provides a variety of payment methods, including: cash, FPS, credit card and transfer services.


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