Correct use of the pump to ensure safe operation

TruckUse it correctly! The structure of the forklift is similar to that of a simplified extension forklift, but it only has a lifting hydraulic jack and does not have tilting fork and telescopic mast functions, seats, protective canopy and rear armrests. The tiller of the forklift has both driving and stacking hydraulic functions. The emergency forward button at the end of the tiller is a safety design. When the forklift is moving in reverse, the operator can press the button immediately to cause the forklift to quickly reverse the driving direction and protect the operator from accidents. Being crushed.

If you often use a motorcycle, do you feel that you have to operate it very carefully?Safety? But often the devil is in the details. If you want to operate your truck safely, you must pay attention to the following safety rules!

Driving Tips on the Correct Use of a Truck

The application of the pedal is to facilitate the operator to transport goods over long distances, and the operator must always adjust the speed according to the stability of the goods, road conditions, and nearby pedestrian and vehicle traffic conditions to drive safely. If the operator controls the tractor on the ground, he must pay attention to the following two points:

The correct way to use the pump 1. Driving on flat roads

When driving forward, you must look in the direction of travel. If your view of the road ahead is blocked, you should drive backward. When traveling backwards, the operator should maneuver in a towing position and away from the longitudinal axis. 

The correct way to use the truck 2. Driving on a slope

The truck needs to slow down and drive straight up or down. It cannot turn on the slope, and the fork must also drive down the slope.

How to use the truck correctly 3. Tips for stacking and unloading goods

Operators must stack and unload cargo on the ground to enhance stability.

The correct way to use the truck 4. The 10 steps for safely stacking goods are as follows: 

1. When approaching the cargo pile, the truck should be in a straight line with the cargo pile.

2. Slow down the vehicle speed, stop about 150 mm in front of the cargo pile, and check the headroom

3. Raise the goods to the top of the cargo pile by about 50 mm or more

4. Before driving, make sure the road ahead is clear and then drive forward slowly

5. Even if the goods have reached the top of the cargo pile, the mast should not touch the cargo pile.

6. Unload cargo slowly

7. When the goods are stacked properly, lower the fork to loosen the pallet.

8. Before reversing, make sure that the passage is clear, and then reverse to a distance sufficient for the fork to lower.

9. Lower the fork to approximately 150 mm above the ground

10. Before leaving, make sure the passage is clear and clear.

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