10 key points for operating safety guidelines for motorcycles

TruckIt is widely used in warehouses, container terminals and factories for short-distance transportation. Although the current legislation does not have specific training requirements for users, the operation of the forklift involves moving heavy objects. If the operation is not careful, it is easy to knock over others. , or cause serious accidents such as heavy objects overturning.Blanch evenlyListed for you are the top 10 key points in the operation of the safety guidelines of the truck. Users must pay attention to:

10 key points in operating safety guidelines for tractors

1. The items transported must not exceed the safe operating load of the truck.

2. The fork must fully enter the pallet, and the materials on the pallet must be stable and evenly distributed.

3. If the material is easy to roll or collapse, it should be tied securely

4. Use proper posture to push or pull the tractor

5. Avoid using the tractor on uneven, unstable or sloping ground

6. Before leaving the truck, lower the fork and lock the wheel or twist the handle to 90 degrees

7. Do not push, pull or operate the tractor too quickly

8. Do not walk or turn with a "high fork"

9. No passengers allowed

10. The head, hands or other body parts are not allowed to enter the area under the forklift platform.

At the same time, employers are also required to provide a safe workplace for truck driving, including the following 6 points:

Key points for safe driving when using the 6 o'clock system

1. The driving surface has sufficient supporting capacity, including the weight of the truck, the cargo and the truck operator.

2. The passage is wide enough for the truck and the materials it carries to pass through.

3. Separate roads for people and trucks to provide safe pedestrian passages

4. Sufficient lighting, but not too strong to avoid dazzling the truck operator

5. Adequate ventilation

6. Install a reflector at an appropriate position in the bend to help the truck operator and pedestrians see the situation on the other side of the bend.

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